Train Stations

Managing the security of a train station means that you must always be vigilant. Not only must you prevent crimes like vandalism and theft, but you must also monitor restricted access areas. While a guard alone can keep watch over an area for ten minutes, the other 23 hours and 50 minutes of the day, the area cannot be protected. This is where American Guardian can help. With our intelligent monitoring robots, we can track, detect, and alert guards when incidents occur. Our comprehensive railroad security system provides effective coverage for dangerous areas. Our surveillance robots identify and track intruders, alerting guards when and where an event has occurred. Providing a crisp 12-megapixel resolution, you will not miss a single detail. Additionally, with our optional advanced thermal imaging robot, American Guardian can bring your perimeter security to the next level. Together, American Guardian's solutions and security guards make the best team. Our approach to security ensures that your area will be monitored by a vigilant guardian, all the time.

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