Security Guards

You are a loss prevention agent. Your client requests that you cover the whole site effectively, but how can you do this with limited manpower? American Guardian’s surveillance robots have got your back. Our robot guards work nonstop, integrating into security systems well. With state-of-the-art technology, they see things imperceptible to human eyes. During the day, American Guardian systems provide crisp imagery so you will not miss a detail. By replacing the traditional patrol system, you can cover a larger area more effectively. When a threat is detected, the American Guardian monitoring center will quickly notify the security forces and dispatch them to the site. Additionally, by adding a sound barrier, strobe, or fog, the suspects may have been expelled out of the monitoring area before the police or a guard arrives. American Guardian can also reduce the potential dangers faced by an employee. In an emergency scenario, the worst that could happen is that the camera is shot, not a valuable human life. Replacing the traditional patrolling model, our security robots can provide guards both physical safety and peace of mind.

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