Public Sector

Perfect Solution for:

  • Parks
  • Squares
  • Plants and processing facilities
  • Embassies
  • Storage spaces
  • Any public sector place with a large perimeter

Public safety is critically important. Protecting your schools over the holidays, or making sure no one get into your water treatment plant all present challenging issues. Guards can cover only one space. And in spaces with multiple access control problems, the problem of coverage is multiplied. But here at American Guardian, we have the solution. Our surveillance robot guards will ensure that your site is safe and assets protected. Our comprehensive perimeter solution detects and tracks intruders at a high resolution. Furthermore, option thermal imaging can illuminate the situation. Traditional patrol models can be flawed, with people falling asleep. Our guards will never fall asleep. When an intruder comes, our 24/7 monitoring center will notify the local authorities and apprehend the intruder.

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