Communities and Neighborhoods

Perfect Solution for:

  • Community Centers
  • Parks and recreational areas
  • Clubhouses
  • Golf Courses
  • Equipment areas

Managing the security of your neighborhood is of the utmost importance. Places that seem safe during the day can host shady characters at night. Without proper supervision, people may enter dangerous places and get injured. Additionally, rogue animals may be an issue for the safety of your neighborhood. Guards can be useful, but are prone to human errors. Furthermore, they can cover only one area at a time, which can lead to problems if the neighborhood is large. American Guardian has your back with our surveillance robots that can identify and track intruders. When someone or something approaches, our monitoring center will notify you or your local authority to see how to approach the situation. Our surveillance robots can help improve your security solutions by providing crisp imagery so that you won't miss out a detail whether day or night.

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